Walailak Abode of Culture

Scholarships to support the mission of preserving arts and culture

Walailak Abode of Culture, Walailak University has continued and strengthened the mission of preserving arts and culture which is one of the four main missions of Walailak University, to strengthen the stability of arts and culture. It is one of the four main missions of Walailak University, to strengthen the stability of arts and culture.

1) To inherit the wisdom, tradition, and culture of Thailand. 2) To develop skills and raise the standard of student performance. 3) To encourage youth to realize the value and importance of good traditions and culture that can be applied in daily life. 4) To create an academic platform for exchanging knowledge on arts and culture. 5) To be a mediator between the community and people in applying academic principles and theories in solving various problems understandably and appropriately. 6) To disseminate and serve arts and culture at national and international levels and to allocate budgets for the implementation of the objectives appropriately and adequately, as well as obtain external funding to promote conservation work art and culture continued.

The fiscal Year 2021 Walailak Abode of Culture which is the main unit in charge of the mission of preserving arts and culture get the operating budget total amount is 1,202,860 baht, divided into

  1. Budget for the year 2021 in the amount of 328,000 baht.
  2. The central budget of the university is in the amount of 370,000 baht.
  3. Budget supported by the Department of Cultural Promotion in the amount of 260,000 baht.
  4. Budget supported by the Plant Genetic Conservation Project Under the Royal Initiation of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (RSPG) project in the amount of 244,860 baht.

The goal is to “preserve arts and culture to be accepted at the national level”, consisting of the following guidelines:

1. Establish a learning center building on Southern Arts and Culture. “Walailak Abode of Cultural ” to be the center for learning arts and culture in the south through presentations with modern technology media Art and Culture Exhibition Hall According to the 20-year strategic plan (2018-2037), Walailak University.

2. To drive research on arts and culture integrated with academic institutions and external partners by studying the architectural structure of the Toom Pung ancient site together with the research team of Silpakorn University to use the research results to develop into learning media and simulation models of Toom Pung archaeological site and a research and development project for a digital archive of historical tourism in archeology art and culture and wisdom in the area of ​​Tha Sala District Nakhon Si Thammarat Province to gather knowledge and connect the cultural significance of the local area.

3. Elevate the archaeological site of Toom Pung to a living archaeological site through the use of modern technology. Through the virtual reality technology project, Augmented reality Toom Pung (AR Toom Pung) and Virtual reality Toom Pung (VR Toom Pung), and the project to create information on ancient artifacts excavated in the Toom Pung archaeological site using 3D Laser scanner for the public to access and learn increased knowledge of ancient sites.

4. Online art and culture courses, the goal is to disseminate at least one online course, which the target audience is students, teachers, personnel, and the general public to increase channels to support teaching and learning in arts and culture which from the past operation of the Walailak Abode of Cultural has prepared 4 courses on art and culture in an online format.

  1. Upgrading the Walailak Abode of Culture to TCI Group 1 Meeting the standards of the academic journal quality criteria.

6. Aim to organize activities on arts and culture “Five Traditions Not to Be Missed”, including Songkran Festival, Loy Krathong Festival, Kathin ceremony, Hai-Tan-Fai Festival at Walailak University, and activities to make merit Toom Pung to conserve and carry-on cultural traditions that have been around for a long time to live with Thai society forever.

There are also arts and culture projects/activities that have been carried out on an ongoing basis every year. For example, the project to carry on the tradition of the tenth month, Nakhon Si Thammarat province the volunteer project to develop religious sites “Youth Tour Guide Training Program in 3 Languages” ​​(English, Thai and Chinese), southern folk performing arts training program projects/activities that various schools have organized to promote arts and culture such as a merit-making ceremony dedicated to King Mahitalathibet Adulyadej Vikrom the Teachers’ Day Observation, The musical of the school, Makha Bucha Ceremony and cross-cultural learning projects etc.