“Walailak Abode of Culture serves as”
a living source of learning for preservation, continuation and expansion of arts and culture”


“Walailak Abode of Culture is a living source of learning of arts and culture of the upper southern region, devoted to conducting research, passing on wisdom and inheriting invaluable Thai culture”

“a living source of learning of arts and culture” serves as a learning ground where body of knowledge associated with arts and culture is gathered and promotes archeological sites situated within the university campus through collaboration of all sectors, disseminates the knowledge through modern information media and continuedly and sustainably supports the process of learning about arts and culture.”




Create new body of knowledge of arts and culture for sustainable expansion and development


Sustainably maintain, conserve, restore and develop arts and culture to be cherished as local and national heritages


Support teaching and learning of arts and culture


Provide the learning source of arts and culture


Create networks and collaboration through application and exchange of arts and culture on a local, national and international level.

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