Organizational Structure

Responsibilities of each team Walailak Abode of Culture has divided its sub-divisions according to specific responsibilities into three divisions 1) Team for academic and research of art and culture 2) Team for park related to arts and culture 3) Team for general administration. Each of the sub-divisions oversees specific tasks as detailed below.

1. Team for academic and research of art and culture: is in charge of conducting research concerning arts and culture, organizing academic activities related to arts and culture, facilitating teaching and learning of arts and culture and/ or producing graduates specializing in cultural studies to promote life quality and meet the needs of society.

2. Team for park related to arts and culture: is in charge of developing the living learning sources to serve as a lifelong platform for learning about arts and culture as interested. The team will tend to the following tasks.

2.1Developing the archeological site within Walailak University such as Tumpung archeological site, Ban Nern It archeological site and Wat Chan Ok – Chan Tok (Chan Ok and Chan Tok temple) as sources for learning as interested and also as the south’s important historic and archeological tourist attractions.       

2.2) Preserve, inherit and disseminate knowledge and value of arts and culture such as organizing traditional activities and exhibitions, setting up an archive and a database of arts and culture and arranging performances featuring arts and culture as well as disseminating knowledge regarding arts and culture through television or radio broadcasts, printings, documentaries, electronic media etc.

3. Team for general administration: is in charge of planning and budget, internal control and risk management, educational quality assurance, document, meeting, finance, supplies, personnel, secretary and asset management by applying 5S and energy saving policies together with environmental preservation instituted by “Green university” policy as a mechanism to actively and continuously lead operations of the general administration team. Such effort is aimed to install agility in works and to make the organization a concise, transparent and environment-friendly, contributing to the employees’ good physical and mental health which subsequently optimize both efficiency and proficiency of work.

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