Kathin ceremony

Tradition It is an activity that has been practiced continuously. It is unique and important to society such as Dress, language, culture, religion, art, law, morality, belief, etc. which is the origin of the culture of various racial societies, becoming a national tradition and being transmitted in sequence If the tradition is good then it is preserved as a national culture. If it’s not good, change it according to the season.

อาศรมวัฒนธรรมวลัยลักษณ์ เป็นเจ้าภาพทอดกฐิน ณ วัดเสนาราม
อาศรมวัฒนธรรมวลัยลักษณ์ เป็นเจ้าภาพทอดกฐิน ณ วัดเสนาราม

Kathin (Pali: Kathin) is a term in Theravada Vinayapitaka. It is a name for the three-month robe that the Lord Buddha has allowed monks who have lived in the Buddhist Lent for 3 months to be able to wear it. by the word Kathin ceremony or Kran Kathin Classified as a type of Sangha in accordance with the Discipline, the Theravada law that has a time limit. That is, monks can perform this sacrament from the first waning day of the 11th lunar month until the 15th day of the 12th lunar month only. The main objective is to create unity among the Sangha. and bless a virtuous monk with a broken robe Therefore, Kathin is classified as a specific issue of the monks’ sangha. which, in addition to the Theravada discipline Kathin is also present in some Mahayana sects. but will have different requirements from the Theravada discipline

Kathin Apothecary Refers to the presentation of a particular monk at the Sangha Council asking if there should be a Kathin ceremony or not. After mutual approval, they continued to discuss which monks the finished cloth should be presented to. Consultation and presentation of opinions like this is called apalok (pronounced a-pa-lok). When the apologetic is finished, it must be recited as a monk, therefore it is counted as a monk.

อาศรมวัฒนธรรมวลัยลักษณ์ เป็นเจ้าภาพทอดกฐิน ณ วัดเสนาราม

Kran ceremony Kran Kathin is a special ceremony for monks. That is, the monks who had been handed the Kathina robes, made one of the three robes, sewed, dyed them, and knocked the bells. They gathered in the temple hall. monks receiving kathin robes Remove the old robes and pray for the new robes that they have received and match them as three robes. After that, a monk went up to the pulpit to give a sermon discussing the history of Kathin.

อาศรมวัฒนธรรมวลัยลักษณ์ เป็นเจ้าภาพทอดกฐิน ณ วัดเสนาราม
อาศรมวัฒนธรรมวลัยลักษณ์ เป็นเจ้าภาพทอดกฐิน ณ วัดเสนาราม

The Kathin ceremony of Thai Buddhists has been around for a long time. with both royal ceremonies and royal ceremonies The offering of the King’s Kathin Robe is an important ceremony of the year. At present, the offering of Kathina robes in the form of supporting the trai robe for use in the important sacraments of the Sangha has been reduced in importance. Instead, they give importance to the followers of Kathintan, such as money or objects. to bring these things to develop permanent objects and to preserve Buddhism which is classified as one of the monks as well

The acquisition of the tri robe which will bring the Kathina according to the discipline of the Theravada. The Buddha did not forbid accepting cloth from the believers to bring the Kathina. For this reason, it causes the Kathina robes offering ceremony. or the Kathin ceremony of the Buddhists And the offering of the Kathina robes is classified as a monk’s offering, which is an offering to the Sangha without specifying any form of monks. for the monks to bring the cloth to the world Give it to one of the monks as the Sangha decides. (verbal secondary motion) and the alms giving with a fixed time zone A monk at a certain temple can only receive it once in a year. There is a period of only one month offering, namely from the first day of the waning moon of the 11th lunar month until the 15th day of the 12th lunar month. This period is called Kathinal, which is the period of Kathin ceremony or Kathin ceremony. which is an alms that can be offered within the time specified by the Buddha Therefore, there is a special merit in offering Kathin This makes the Kathin ceremony a merit-making tradition that is important to Buddhists in general.

อาศรมวัฒนธรรมวลัยลักษณ์ เป็นเจ้าภาพทอดกฐิน ณ วัดเสนาราม

The merits of offering Kathin merit

  1. making him a wealthy person with a lot of property and can be successful in work easily
  2. make a person with a fresh mind Always pure and bright
  3. make a person with a strong mind Concentration and easy access to the Dharma.
  4. Reputed to be a person who can use his wealth to be a merit with him in the future to the fullest.
  5. Make him a beautiful person, beautiful skin, who is loved by the general public.
  6. to become famous, honorable, glorified It is a place of venerable faith.

This is also to help monks who have completed a quarter of Buddhist Lent to receive merit according to the Buddhist law. It is an homage to the Buddha’s commandment for Kathin to last forever. It can be regarded as worshiping Buddhism by performing part of worship. and is a continuation of the Kathintan tradition not to deteriorate from the culture and traditions of Thai people It is also another way to strengthen unity in society.

อาศรมวัฒนธรรมวลัยลักษณ์ เป็นเจ้าภาพทอดกฐิน ณ วัดเสนาราม
อาศรมวัฒนธรรมวลัยลักษณ์ เป็นเจ้าภาพทอดกฐิน ณ วัดเสนาราม
อาศรมวัฒนธรรมวลัยลักษณ์ เป็นเจ้าภาพทอดกฐิน ณ วัดเสนาราม

offering a kathin cloth
When the monks meet together Chairman of the Kathin Robe/Host holding the Kathin Robe Sit facing the presiding Buddha image, set Namo 3 times, then face the Sangha. Saying the Kathin Robe Offering 3 ends

Kathin offering speech
Imang mayang phante / sapariwarang / kathina jewaratussang / sanghassa / onochayama / sathu no phante / sangho /
Iman / sapariwarang / kathina chiwarathussang / patikkanhatu / patika hetawa ca / ​​Imina thussenah /
Kathinang / Attharattu / Amhakang / Dikarattam / Hataya / Sukhaya / Nibbana Yaja

Sayings of Offering Kathin Robes (Thai)
Venerable monks, we / we / bow down / Kathina robes / with all these host / To the monks / May the Sangha / accept / Kathina robes / along with these retinues / Once received /Gran Kathin / With this cloth /for the benefit/for happiness/for the path of nirvana/for us/forever and ever

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