Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival is a tradition that has been passed down since ancient times, together with the New Year’s Day, so it is collectively known as the New Year’s Songkran tradition, meaning New Year’s Eve

Thai New year

Meaning of Songkran

The word “Songkran” is in Sanskrit. Means “Move” is a metaphor for the moving of the zodiac sign, the New Year’s move. In the belief of Thailand and some countries in Southeast Asia

Songkran is also a common culture of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and the Tai minority in Vietnam. Yunnan Province of China, Sri Lanka and eastern India. with the assumption that It is a tradition influenced by the Indian festival of Holi, which is usually held every year during the month of March. by having fun splashing color powder on each other

Songkran in various regions


  • April 13th is called Maha Songkran Day.
  • April 14 is called Wan Nao.
  • April 15th is known as Wan Thaloeng Sok, which is the day of the beginning of a new era.

Northern Lanna

  • April 13th is known as Sangkhan Long Day. means the expiration date of another year
  • April 14th, known as “Rotten Day”, is a day where obscene speech is prohibited. because it is believed that it will not prosper
  • April 15th is called Wan Phaya Wan, which is the day of the change of the new era.


  • April 13th is known as the Old City Lord’s Day or the Old City Lord’s Day. because there is a belief that the angels who protect the country return to gather in heaven
  • April 14th, known as the day of free time, is the day without the guardian angels of the city. Everyone will go to make merit at the temple.
  • April 15th is known as the day to accept the new governor. is the day of receiving a new angel who has been assigned to take care of the city instead of the old one

Songkran ceremony

Traditional Songkran Festival There will be a Songkran ceremony performed in the family. Water will be used as the main element of the ceremony due to the astronomical calculation that the sun moves into Aries. which is summer Therefore, they use water to give each other a refreshing feeling in the hot summer.

  1. Bathing Buddha images at home and at temples for good fortune including making merit, offering food to monks
  2. Watering is a New Year’s greeting to each other.
  3. Watering the elders is to bless respected adults, parents, teachers.
  4. The black head is a Songkran ceremony in the north. It is similar to watering adults in the central region. It is a request for forgiveness for something that has already passed or a New Year’s wish from an elder.
  5. Carrying sand into the temple is believed that to be auspicious to be happy and prosperous as much gold as the grains of sand carried into the temple and another belief is Bringing the sand that is attached to the feet from the temple is a sin, so carry the sand into the temple so that it is not a sin.

The legend of Songkran

The legend about Nang Songkran It has appeared in the inscription at Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangklaram or Wat Pho. Tha Tian in short When Songkran Festival falls on which day of the year? There will be a Songkran lady of that day.

Thammaban Kumar is the son of the god Indra gave him to be born in the womb of a rich man’s wife. Growing up, he learned the language of birds. and completed tri-type studies when he was only 7 years old, so he became a teacher of various mongkol to all จOne day, Thao Kabilphrom came down to ask about 3 problems with the pediatric thammaban. But if he can’t answer, the child’s head will be cut off by himself. By Dharmaban, the pediatrician asked to answer questions in 7 days.

When the time came, Thao Kabilphrom came as promised. Thammaban then brought the answer he heard from the bird to answer Thao Kabilprom. Causing Thao Kabilprom to lose in answering this question. And before cutting off the head, Thao Kabil Phrom called the seven daughters who were angels. to support the pedestal because the head of Thao Kabil Brahma is the gathering place of all evil. If placed on the earth the fire will burn the world. If thrown into the air, the rain will dry. If thrown into the ocean, the water will dry up.

The 7 daughters therefore have the duty to take turns taking care of the head of Thao Kabil Phrom, and every year they will turn around to perform the duty of summoning the head of Thao Kabilprom. paraded around Mount Phra Sumen for 60 minutes and enshrined in Khanthuli Cave in Khao Krailas. Nang Songkran, each of them will take turns according to the Songkran Festival.

Name of Mrs. Songkran for all 7 days

When Songkran Festival falls on which day of the year? There will be a Songkran lady of that day. The name of Mrs. Songkran is as follows.

  • Tungsadewi, Miss Songkran of the Sunday
  • Korat Dhevi, Miss Songkran of Mondays
  • Raksa Devi, Miss Songkran on Tuesday
  • Montha Devi, Miss Songkran on Wednesday
  • Kirinee Devi, Miss Songkran of Thursday
  • Kimita Devi, Miss Songkran of Friday
  • Mahothorn Devi, Songkran Lady of the Saturday
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