Picture collection of arts and culture activities for the year 2020

Making merit, offering food to monks 150 Reverend Grandfather Man (19-01-2020)

Participated in the seminar “Nakhon Mueang Phra”

Attending the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Luang Pu Man (20-01-2020)

Press release for Makha Bucha Festival (30-01-2020)

Stirring Madhupayas Rice (06-02-2020)

Makha Bucha (08-02-2020)

tradition to hâi taan fai (14-02-2020)

Collect information on the ancient  (22-02-2020)

Tod Phapaa Meditation Center (23-02-2020)

make merit at Toompung (05-03-2020)

creative media grants (16-07-2020)

Improved great-grandfather (10-08-2020)

Kathin at Senaram Temple (09-10-2020)

Kathin at Saeng Raeng Temple (20-10-2020)

tenth month tradition (15-09-2020)

Children’s Song Contest (17-09-2020)

Loy Kratong Festival (31-10-2020)

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