Walailak Abode of Culture Continue to explore the construction area of ​​the learning center building

On September 10, 2021, Walailak Abode of Culture together with the building and the Fine Arts Office 12, Nakhon Si Thammarat Explore the area for the construction of a learning center for arts and culture in the south. “Walailak Abode of Culture”. In the construction of the building, there is a construction plan at the entrance to the Tumpung archaeological site. which has been registered in the Government Gazette, Volume 118, Special Section 33 Ngor, Page 5, April 9, 2001, area 80 rai 3 ngan 80 square wa

In the construction of buildings in the ancient sites Walailak Abode of Culture has made a request letter to the Fine Arts Department which initially, the Fine Arts Department has considered The building to be constructed does not affect the value of the Tumpung Ruins The style of architecture is not very tall and uses materials that are consistent with the ancient site. Therefore, the construction of the aforementioned building was permitted as proposed especially in the area where the construction of buildings and elements will be carried out for clarity and supporting information that such construction There is no impact on the ancient site of Tumpung. Initially, there is a plan to complete the archaeological excavation in the building construction area by early October. Along with preparing a report on the results of archaeological excavations. to be sent to the Fine Arts Department next