Prepare to meet Nora online classes.

(Prannora course)

Walailak Abode of Culture in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Promotion Ministry of Culture Make an online Nora training course. To raise the level of knowledge dissemination of Nora To support Nora’s listing as a representative list of intangible cultural heritage under the Key strategies that focuses on the youth to raise awareness Raising awareness and Perception nora performing arts. promote the exchange of knowledge as well as create collaborations and networks between universities, communities and schools. By creating a channel (Platform) to learn the art of Nora in an online format. This will lead to the process of disseminating and conserving arts and culture sustainably. Including changing the way of promoting arts and culture in accordance with the change of society in the digital era.


On August 10, 2021 Walailak Abode of Culture  began filming the Prannora course. which has content about Prannora in various fields Teaching will consist of learning theory. and practice with Ajarn Suphat Naksen, a lecturer at Nakhon Si Thammarat College of Dramatic Arts be an instructor in this course

In the filming of the Prannora course The working group and all concerned persons strictly adhere to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic control announcement.

The Prannora online course will be available online in September 2021.

For those who are interested, you can follow the course updates at the Walailak Abode of Culture website. >>