Types of articles to be considered for publication
1. Research Articles It consists of an abstract, an introduction, and research objectives. Research methods, research results, conclusions and discussions. and reference documents
2. Academic Articles It consists of an abstract, introduction, body, summary and references.
3. Book Review

Walailak Abode of Culture Journal

Walailak Abode of Culture Journal, Considering academic articles, research articles, and book reviews both Thai and English by the academic content scope of the Walailak cultural ashram It covers all interdisciplinary areas of social sciences and humanities such as cultural studies. language and literature Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Dance Arts, Painting, History, Archaeology, Political Science, Public Administration Sociology and Anthropology, Linguistics, Demography, Asian Studies and other related fields.

Walailak Abode of Culture Journal It is scheduled to be issued twice per year.
Issue 1 (January – June)
Issue 2 (July – December)

Receiving the original article
all year round

to be an academic forum for disseminating knowledge social related news art and culture as well as exchanging knowledge and academic and research results. in humanities and social sciences within the country and the ASEAN region

Journal Standard
Comply with the standards of academic journals for social sciences and humanities groups at OHEC and TRF. Determined by the editorial office consisting of professors and doctoral experts. have ongoing research results Most of them come from external institutions and some from internal institutions. And every article published must provide a complete and accurate manuscript. and must be considered by experts who evaluate the articles (Reviewer) who are experts with research experience in the field and at least 2 people who have ongoing research results, who are experts inside and outside the university. The reader and the author do not know each other’s names.

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