academic conference relationship ASEAN culture

An important feature of the globalized world is that the borders of nation-states become increasingly meaningless due to the nature of the organization of nation-states or nation-states. It is not conducive to development in which the world has greatly lost its abundance of resources. from past developments. Therefore, it is necessary to reorganize the pattern of borders so that the progress of the world in the direction of economic growth can continue to be realized. While advances in communication technology and transport can shorten the time and place of communication. making it conducive to a new kind of border arrangement to take place in a real way.

A new frontier that emerges and will power countries In this world are interrelated under the new world order. is the border of the community. In today’s world, there are many communities. One community will mean both in terms of building the potential of development within the community. and negotiating with other communities

“ASEAN Community” arises under these conditions. Although the ASEAN Community has been formed for a long time But the definition of a new frontier, as mentioned above, only emerged at the time of its announcement ASEAN Economic Community : AEC The countries of ASEAN countries have a common intention to move forward in such a way that all countries will unite as “One vision, One identity, One community Therefore, countries Therefore, it is necessary to prepare both in terms of strengthening oneself in that direction. and together with other countries in ASEAN to truly strengthen the community.

The cultural dimension has been declared as one of the pillars of the ASEAN Socio – Cultural Community (ASCC), meaning that the cultural dimension must play an important role in the unity and strength of the ASEAN community. At the same time, it must be a strength that can promote competition with other communities.

Universities are social entities and institutions that have an important duty to strengthen the country and the community in all dimensions. Universities will need to adapt quickly to be able to perform such important functions. Walailak Abode of culture therefore has one important function which is to create mutual learning in the cultural dimension of ASEAN countries. In order that, on the one hand, countries still see the importance of their own culture in creating identity for the people in the country. At the same time, it can change the culture to create new dimensions that will drive the strength of the community.

Walailak Abode of culture therefore organizes a project that will continue to do this, such as the project “Building ASEAN Cultural Relations” It is hoped that the project will enable Thailand to play an academic role that will contribute to the cultural integration of ASEAN countries that will play an important role in the goals of building the ASEAN community. There will be seminars on international cultural dimensions in the ASEAN community periodically.


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