The cultural dimension has been declared as one of the pillars of the ASEAN Community. (ASEAN Socio – Cultural Community – ASCC) This means that the cultural dimension must play an important role in building the unity and strength of the ASEAN community. At the same time, it must be a strength that can promote competition with other communities.

Southern Thai Philosopher Project select qualified candidates He is a person who has expertise and expertise in southern arts and culture, folk poets, folk artists, teachers, teachers, civil servants whose works in southern arts and culture are evident and widely accepted in society. They also serve as role models and make contributions to society. as well as transferring knowledge, abilities and expertise in arts and culture in the south to others in various forms

performing arts It is one of the seven branches of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, meaning the expression of emotions, feelings and stories. with the performers as a medium through sound, such as singing or playing music. and physically, such as dancing, dancing, gestures, etc., the popular and famous southern performing arts that can be regarded as the distinctive identity of the important southern region, namely Manora, a performing arts that reflects the uniqueness and identity of the southern region. good looks of local people in the south

Walailak University is another area located among the ancient community. There are traces of archaeological sites which are considered important historical and archaeological evidence of Nakhon Si Thammarat province. with the ancient source of Archaeological site of toompung and Ban Noen Brick, Ban Khao Kha ancient site ,Archaeological site of Wat Mahong and the ancient site of Ban Mo Klan to bring the results from the age finding to analyze and link the historical route of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

Walailak Abode of Culture Journal, reviewing academic articles, research articles and book review both Thai and English by the academic content scope of Walailak cultural ashram It covers all interdisciplinary areas of social sciences and humanities such as cultural studies. language and literature Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Dance Arts, Painting, History, Archaeology, Political Science, Public Administration Sociology and Anthropology, Linguistics, Demography, Asian Studies and other related fields.