Walailak Abode of culture strives for improvement through the arts and cultural dimension.


Walailak Abode of Culture serves as the university’s workforce to seek and create sustainable networks both inside and outside the university as well as resources to produce state-of-the-art work in arts and culture, to cultivate a breeding ground for learning sources along with wisdom restoration and ultimately to produce graduates equipped with “not only competent but also virtue” who will be gratefully committed to maintaining the prosperity of Thai values.


  1. Facilitating the establishment of learning sources of arts and cultural knowledge in a form of an archive, a museum, a cultural exhibition and a cultural park.
  2. Facilitating the establishment of learning sources of history and archeology in compliance with the “Archeological Park” framework.
  3. Facilitating the establishment of learning sources of religious relation beliefs adopted by the community as well as organizing an activity gearing toward promoting morality among students, youths and a society as a whole under the “Dhamma Nitas” framework.
  4. Conducting research in order to construct cultural knowledge assets.
  5. Supporting, conserving, restoring, disseminating, expressing and promoting culture.
  6. Endorsing and facilitating an integration between culture, education and tourism to maximize economic value.
  7. Supporting cultural education.
  8. Creating a sustainable network and incorporating both internal and external resources in conserving arts and culture.


  1. Constructing an action plan in accordance with the community’s problems and needs.
  2. Incorporating the network of all organizations in assembling both resources and wisdom for any actions.
  3. Providing support to outside organizations operating under similar purposes.
  4. Integrating culture with the academic curriculum and students’ activities.
  5. Emphasizing the use of information technology in the projects.
  6. Emphasizing the students’ moral development to produce not only a talented but also a virtuous graduate for the community.
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